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Welcome to B-Fabric Project
Welcome to B-Fabric Project

B-Fabric is the information management platform through which all projects at FGCZ are initiated and managed. A project can be requested by entering the required information and uploading the project description in PDF format. Upon project approval, all project-specific functions of B-Fabric will be available to track any activity related to the project, e.g., communication, sample delivery, data generation, sharing, and download.

B-Fabric among others supports:

  • Complete project management: The entire life cycle of a research project is tracked from application to finish
  • Data capturing and provisioning: Experimental data is captured with its scientific context and is provided as needed
  • Dynamic data generation: Analysis applications can be invoked easily on corresponding data
  • High degree of reproducibility: Reproducible analytical results due to data generation pipeline tracking
  • Transparency: Location of the data is managed by the platform without any intervention by the user
  • Data access and search: Data is accessible and searchable via different interfaces
  • Security: Data is access-controlled based on a flexible role model
  • Complete service management: Service orders are transparently managed, charged, and invoiced

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