Welcome to B-Fabric Project
Welcome to B-Fabric Project

B-Fabric Project is an open infrastructure for managing projects and data in life sciences. It allows to store and access experimental data together with its scientific context. The platform connects the data from scientific instruments with data analysis tools, including workflow, annotation, and data visualization support. Key features include:

  • Complete project management: The entire life cycle of a research project from application to publication is supported
  • Data capturing and provisioning: All experimental data is captured with its scientific context and is provided as needed
  • High degree of reproducibility: Analytical results can be reproduced since all original data is stored together with the necessary instrument parameters
  • Uniform access: All data is accessible and searchable through a uniform web interface
  • Data search: All public data can be searched and used to carry out inter-experiment analyses
  • Transparency: Location of the data is managed by the platform without any necessary intervention by the user
  • Reliability: All data is continuously backed up
  • Security: User data is stored in an access controlled repository
  • Service management: Fee-based services are transparently managed, charged, and invoiced

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