B-Fabric Credits

Thanks all people and institutions who have contributed to the development of B-Fabric.


  • Roger Cruz (Java and Web Application Developer)
  • Ali Fakheri (Java and Web Application Developer)
  • Matthias Scherrer (Java and Web Application Developer)
  • Marco Schmidt (IT Specialist and Admin)
  • Can Türker (Project Leader and System Architect)

Alumni Developers

  • Fuat Akal
  • David Altorfer
  • Bhargav Bhatt
  • Marc-Alain Chételat
  • Christian Decker
  • Michael Fetzer
  • Ugur Gürel
  • Dieter Joho
  • Felix Knecht
  • Aleksander Markovic
  • Lukas Marti
  • Haissam Mouhasseb
  • Giacomo Pati
  • Benedikt Thelen
  • Bogdan Veres

Partially Supported By:

  • SWITCH (Swiss Academic and Research Network): The development of B-Fabric was partially supported by SWITCH within the AAA/Switch project “Generalizing B-Fabric towards an Infrastructure for Collaborative Research in Switzerland” (UZH.5, June 2009-May 2011).
  • SYBIT: The development of B-Fabric was partially supported by SYBIT within the "Infrastructure for BattleX" project (June 2010-December 2011).

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