B-Fabric Order Manual

B-Fabric Order helps to manage the entire process of a service order including the submission of the order, the provision and download of the results, and the accounting of the service. The following analytical services can be ordered at the FGCZ independent of a project:

User Management

  • Click here for B-Fabric user account related issues such creating a user account, resetting user password, or requesting FGCZ access.

Main Functionality

The Order Module provides an increasing set of functionality. The most imported ones are listed below (for a quick overview watch the Service Order Management Demo as Quicktime Movie:

Create / Submit Order: An order consists of one or more items representing the requested (analysis) services. Please try to provide the requested data as exact as possible.
Edit / Delete an Order: While an order is still pending you can edit or delete it. Go to order's view page and click on edit or delete, respectively.

Tracked Communication via Order Comments: You can communicate with the FGCZ employees processing your order using the order comment feature. Go to order's view page and click on add comment to place a new comment. The corresponding employees will also reply (if needed) using this feature.
Monitoring Orders: Few e-mails will be sent to you to inform you about your order. Besides, you can monitor the status of your order by checking the "Status" panel in the show order screen.
Downloading Results:As soon as the results for the requested service are available, you can download them.
Booking: Services are charged via this tool and the booking is transparently archived.

Instruction - Steps to order an analysis

  1. If you do not have an FGCZ account, please register.
  2. Log in with your FGCZ account.
  3. Create your order.
  4. Check the billing address information carefully. If necessary, make changes.
  5. Complete your order by clicking Add Order Item button, fill in the required fields and click Save (at the bottom of the page)
  6. Repeat step 5 for each sample to be submitted (or use the Clone button on the right hand side of your first order item).
  7. After having added all sample information you may add comments by pressing Add Comment button in the Comments tabs. You can attach files containing further information about the samples (e.g. protein sequence) by pressing Add Attachment button in the Attachments tabs (files may also be attached in the next step).
  8. When you finished your order click on Submit Order button (bottom left of the page) to submit the order
  9. Print the Order Confirmation Form and submit the signed order form together with your samples. If you submit your samples by mail please note that by using ordinary envelops you risk to loose your samples during shipment. We recommend to use air-cushioned envelops and to send samples by priority mail (A-Post).
  10. You can check the status of your order at any time and you can download results as soon as they are available by logging in with your user name and password.

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