Send Custom Emails

To send a custom email you need to be an employee. Click on the 'Send Mail' link in the "more" menu of the header.

To compose your mail you can make use of placeholders. Placeholders ($login, $username, and $email) can be placed in the subject and in the message of your mail. When the mail is sent, they are replaced by the values of the recipient:
  • $login -> login name of the user (amuster)
  • $fullname -> full name of the user (Dr. Anton Muster)
  • $email -> email address of the user (amuster@foo.bar)
Hint: users have the possibility to block automatic notification (news) mails from B-Fabric. To reach those people anyway you have to check the 'Force' checkbox. This feature is only available for users with coordinator role and should be used only for critical emails, e.g., informing the users that FGCZ charging policies have changed.

IMPORTANT: Please be careful when you cut&paste text into the message box, especially when you cut from a rich format document such as word. Ensure that the text does not include formatted special characters, e.g., special hyphen symbols other than - or special quotation symbols other than " and '.

To add recipients to your mail you have the possibility to select users from predefined groups:
  • Active Users:Users who are in a running project
  • Users: Users who are or were a member of a running project
  • Employees: Users who have the employee role
  • Steering Committee: Users who have the steering committee role
  • Review Manager: Users who have the review manager role
  • Alumni: Users who were employees
  • Lab Heads: Users who are a lab head of a project
  • Project Leaders: Users who lead a project
  • Order Customers: Users who are customers of a service order
  • Agenda Managers: Users who have the agenda manager role
  • Genomics: Users who are in a project using Genomics technology
  • Metabolomics: Users who are in a project using Metabolomics technology
  • Proteomics: Users who are in a project using Proteomics technology
  • Sequencing: Users who are in a project using Sequencing technology
  • Transcriptomics: Users who are in a project using Transcriptomics technology
Additionally, you may select users by project membership by entering project id, checking the Member/Manager checkbox, and clicking on the Add button.

You may unselect user groups unchecking the corresponding boxes. Then, all users of the unchecked group are removed recipients list unless they are selected via another group. You can also remove all users from the recipients list by clicking the Clear Recipients button.

To see or hide selected users click the 'Show Detailed Selection' or 'Hide Detailed Selection' button, respectively.

Using the detailed selection, you may individually remove single users from the recipients list.

Finally, when you have finished your recipients list, click the Send Mail button to send the mail to all selected users.

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