Java Information

How to download a workunit

On the show workunit screen you can find the Download icons at the right top of the page.
  1. Download via B-Fabric Download Manager (Java Application)
  2. Download via HTTP from the browser

Download via HTTP from the browser

Clicking on the icon(2) a download via the Web-Browser will be started. For each resource in the workunit a single download is initiated and (depending on your browser configuration) a window pops up and asks you to approve the download by clicking on "Okay".
This is a limitation of the security concept of the browser and can not be disabled.

Download via B-Fabric Download Manager (Java Application)

When you click on the icon(1), a warning message will be prompted by Java for security reasons unless you have checked the corresponding box.
Extra information for Apple User about Security Settings.

A download starter file (ends with jnlp), which contains the entire download information, is created. This file can be used to resume the download in case it was is stopped/paused. After the download is completed, this file will disappear.

If you stop the current download, you might resume it via B-Fabric by clicking Download button at the left of the page again or you can directly execute ResumeDownload.jnlp file in your local download folder.

Some numbers, how long a download might take:
File Size Bandwidth Time
100GB 1MB/sec 28h
10GB 1MB/sec 3h
1GB 1MB/sec 30min

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