B-Fabric FAQ

Question Answer
Where can I report an potential technical problem of B-Fabric? Following the link in the footer of B-Fabric, please send an email with a reproducible description the observed technical problem to support. Adding a screen shot showing the problem can help much.
Whom to approach to get information about my project/order beyond those already available via B-Fabric? Write a comment in B-Fabric for the corresponding project/order. Alternatively, you might approach the coach of the corresponding project/order to explicitly hint at an urgent case.
I forgot my B-Fabric password and/or login. How can I receive it? Go to B-Fabric, click on "Forgot Login Details" and enter your login or registered email address to receive a timely restricted link via email. Click on the link to reset your password. If you have tried this without success because you do neither remember your login nor the email address you have used for registering in B-Fabric, then send an email to support following the link in the footer of B-Fabric.
I cannot find the appropriate term in the drop-down lists to describe my sample. Press on the "Add New" button to add your own terms.
What happened, if my files are not listed? Either you selected the wrong instrument/experiment or your data is not on the correct location on the instrument computer. Please first consult the supervisor of the corresponding import application; if not available approach your project coach.