How to work with Project Orders

Creating and Submitting Project Orders

To order analysis services for your project, go to your project and click on the "Orders" tab.

Click on the "Create Project Order" button to proceed.

Select the area of service you are going for

Select the service type you are going to ask for. Check and correct the address details if necessary and confirm your address.

Once the order is created, the next step is to add sample information regarding the order. Click on the "Add/Edit Information" button to proceed.

Enter your sample information as accurate as possible. Click on "Save" to finish.

Your sample information will appear in the project order page.

You can enter your sample information based on your existing extracts. To do that, use the "Add Item(s) Using Extracts" button.

Click on "Save" to finish.

Your sample information will appear in the project order page.

Click on the "Submit Order" button when you have finished entering the information completely. At this point, an FGCZ employee will take over your order and review it. You will be notified on acceptance or if something is wrong or missing.

You can always check the status of your order displayed at the "Status" pane at the bottom of the screen.

If your order is accepted, you need to download the order confirmation form, sign and return it along with your samples to the FGCZ.

Communicating Throughout an Order

All kind of messaging regarding orders between users and the FGCZ employees must be performed via the commenting functionality. To comment on your order, click on the "Comments" tab.

To add a new comment, click on the "Add Comment" button.

All comments will be listed under the "Comments" tab. Upon arrival of a new comment, you will be notified by an e-mail as well.

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